Friday, January 6, 2012

Creating posters with InDesign

This ought to be a new educational experience!  By mistake, when I was proposing a session for the upcoming NERCOMP annual conference in Providence, RI, I indicated that I wanted to have a poster session...when in reality I was aiming for a regular presentation session (this is what happens when your submission is done on a tablet, hours before submission deadlines, on a non-mobile-friendly site, and while tired lol - there should be a warning that says "don't do academics while tired" ;-)  )

In any case, in my entire academic career I've never had to do a poster session! This means that I am a total newbie.  In the past, nursing students had come to me looking for help with PowerPoint, and specifically creating posters in PowerPoint.  I couldn't conceive of a worse tool for doing so, but I nevertheless helped them out as best I could (without having done any posters myself).  Having access to InDesign means that I have some good page-layout tools but I still don't know much about I started to research how to do posters!  Here are some resources I've come across:

InDesign CS 5.5: Creating Poster Sessions (~20 minutes):

Links to text based resources:
Sacramento State Poster Tips
PowerPoint Templates (eek!)
FSU PowerPoint Templates
Tips for creating Posters

I still have a few months before I need to present it, but the sooner it's done, the better :-)
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