Friday, April 24, 2009

Attack of the bad powerpoint presenters

I had a good laugh when I read this over at the PowerPoint Ninja. The author goes though a list of the different types of bad PowerPoint presenter types (although I find that sometimes these types intermix).

It's no surprise that I've survived a number of bad PowerPoint presentations. The most annoying ones are the Reader, the Apologist and the Wanderer. This tells me that they've spent NO time actually preparing for their presentations (well all the types tell me that, but the most egregious ones are the ones I mentioned).

There are two blog posts on the topic over at the PowerPoint Ninja. Have at 'em, they are entertaining (unless you suffer from PowerPoint Presentation PTSD).

For what it's worth, when I teach people PowerPoint I try to teach them more about presentation technique rather than teach them about flashy bulletpoints flying all over the screen.
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