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A Brief History of Instructional Design

Happy Friday to all! I came across this presentation a while back and it presents a brief history of instructional design. Pretty interesting! I came across some familiar names (Skinner and Mager for instance), and I was introduced to a few historical factoids that I didn't get as part of my ID training. It's interesting that there isn't much mention of ID models (a la Dick & Carey and ADDIE). I would be interested to see if someone has created some sort of genealogy of ID models out there in the interwebs... History of Instructional Design and Technology View more documents from Ben Clark .

Some unexpected figures...

It's the week after finals and before graduation. Campus was pretty much dead today. I took the opportunity to look at scribd to see if there are any good EdTech related documents and per chance I looked at my account. I gotta says that I am pretty surprised by some of the numbers I see. First off, my Instructional Design Capstone, Greek for Travelers , has been viewed over 300 times in the month that I've put it up. Now this is somewhat surprising, but not that unexpected since it's the only capstone in the online (volunteer) instructional design repository and I've spoken about it to many current students in the program. What I find fascinating are three linguistics documents that I have put up that were assignments for various classes in the applied linguistics program. In a month, my paper on the use of subjunctive in contemporary American English has been viewed over 120 times, a Thematic Unit Module that I created on Greek Kiosks was viewed over 100 time

Exams | Done

Well, exams are now done, I just finished my Sociolinguistics final last night and I am relieved to be done with all my academic obligations of the semester - now I can chill out for a few weeks and ruin my brain with wonderful television and video games :-) The funny thing about last night's exam was that we had the option of choosing which questions we wanted to answer, and from an informal exit-poll it seems like all of the class answered questions 4 and 5. Here's a comic strip dedicated to those who still need to grade exams and project :-) We

Week 13 of 13!

Yes indeed! The semester is almost over! I have two classes tomorrow night and I am done with Instructional Design :-) Next week I have a sociolinguistics class (on a different schedule than Instructional Design) and I am almost done for the semester! Funny thing, since I posted some of my assignments on Scribd (especially those linguistics papers), I've gotten emails from people looking for more resources on the subject. I don't really fancy myself an expert on some of these topics (after all I've only taken one or two classes on the subject), but I am happy to help people with their research :-) If you cite any of my papers, do send me an email - it will make my day! :-)