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Capstone now available on Scribd

This week I received the good news that my capstone had been viewed and evaluated by the powers that be, so since they know that I've done my work, I've decided to post my capstone on Scribd to share it with the community. Truth be told, I am not really sure when I will be able to capitalize on my capstone (actually building the course which I have designed) so I've released the work under a Creative Commons BY-SA license, this way if there are Greek language teachers out there that want to use this work to collaborate on building this course, or if there are multimedia people who want to get some practice editing video or creating podcasts, or any actors that want to practice their acting skills, here's a venue. I guess if there is enough interest by a number of parties I can create a community to organize this effort :-) In the mean time, if you are interested in language learning, and in particular learning or teaching Greek, head on over to Scridb to have a lo

Capstone | Done!

Well, that's it folks! The capstone is completely done! I've proof-read the thing at least 6 times, made edits, added stuff, removed stuff, and kept myself from going overboard with the appendices! I printed it out, bound it, and submitted it! Woohoo! Of course school isn't over for the semester, there are still projects for other classes that will keep me busy until May, but at least there is one thing off my plate :-) Since it is under CC licensing, as soon as I get a grade (and a diploma on hand), I will most likely post my fine work somewhere for people to use and add to it as they see fit :-) Now all I have is: 1. term paper for Sociolinguistics class 2. eLearning project for INSDSG 616 3. a journal entry for my communications class 4. a presentation for my Sociolinguistics class My Google starred items, things that I want to comment on is getting huge - I'll probably have to prune it before I can start commenting on it ;-)