Friday, February 19, 2010

Semiotics - in practice

A while back I had posted a picture of a road sign (probably also from the failblog) which showed male genitals and a big giant NO to spanking the monkey. At the time I wondered what exactly could have driven the polish government (or private company for that matter since I don't know if this is a national road sign) to create such a prohibition. Was spanking the monkey while driving such a huge problem that it endangered people on the road? Who does that?

Anyway, this week on the failblog, a similar photo of a road sign, this time from Italy. This sign warns motorists that there are prostitutes ahead. Now the road seems straight, which means that you won't be coming around a bend and BAM, vehicular accident because of stopped vehicles of people gawking at prostitutes, or because humans at the side of the road showing off their wares. This brings me back to semiotics.

I've never studied the topic, however I would LOVE to take a course in semiotics (perhaps once I graduate and all my requirements are met - at this point I am doing all core courses). I would also love to have been a fly on the wall at the ministry or town hall meeting where this sign was designed, proposed, and finally implemented. The history of the sign is more interesting than the sign itself.

Updated blog post to correct typos...note to self-read before publishing...
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