Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some unexpected figures...

It's the week after finals and before graduation. Campus was pretty much dead today. I took the opportunity to look at scribd to see if there are any good EdTech related documents and per chance I looked at my account. I gotta says that I am pretty surprised by some of the numbers I see.

First off, my Instructional Design Capstone, Greek for Travelers, has been viewed over 300 times in the month that I've put it up. Now this is somewhat surprising, but not that unexpected since it's the only capstone in the online (volunteer) instructional design repository and I've spoken about it to many current students in the program.

What I find fascinating are three linguistics documents that I have put up that were assignments for various classes in the applied linguistics program. In a month, my paper on the use of subjunctive in contemporary American English has been viewed over 120 times, a Thematic Unit Module that I created on Greek Kiosks was viewed over 100 times and a paper I wrote on Data Driven Learning was downloaded over 220 times (I didn't know that Data Driven Learning was so popular).

The interesting thing is that papers I wrote while an MBA student that I've posted on the same service tend to get way fewer views. I wonder why :-) There must be more educators on Scribd than management people :-)
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