Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Open Education and Language Learning

I've been following along last week's posts on Open Education, and the whole concept of MOOCs, open educational resources and language learning has been swirling around in my brain.  I've known people who've learned languages, online, by immersion. I think that they started off conversing using a common language (probably English) and then slowly transitioned over to the language that they wanted to learn.  I am not sure how face-to-face immersion works, but I assume that online immersion probably works around the same lines.  I'd have to do some more research and looking information up to be sure.

In any case, thinking ahead to a PhD, I am wondering if anyone has researched open education, or MOOCs, or both in the field of Applied Linguistics and language learning. This might be something that I would be interested in doing and I am wondering if there are people out there in CCK11 that have learned a language just by interacting with others online (and supplementing their knowledge in whatever way they deemed necessary).  I am thinking of creating a MOOC to teach Modern Greek, but I'll have to think more on how to plan it, and get people involved, since they may become a PhD thesis.

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?
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