Wednesday, March 7, 2012

LMS unSIG (unconference, unworkshop) a success

A big round of applause for the organizers of the LMS unSIG that took place last Monday. Harvested Tweets and other information from the website (including the notes for the session I moderated) are on the unSIG website.  This was my first unconference and I have to say that I liked the setup of the unconference.  Most times you go to these workshops and there are topics that you aren't interested in - this one, being crowdsourced, meant that I was able to have a much higher probability of finding that I liked (and I did) and being able to hear from a variety of people rather than a few wise ones that are presenting.

That being said, I think that some peripheral structure may have been nice.  I would have liked to have seen representatives from the major learning management systems at this event (Desire2Learn, Canvas, Blackboard, etc.) as a way of getting ideas from end-users.  I know that these companies have their own websites where they get requests from users all the time, but I saw this as a missed opportunity to come and listen (not market) by the major players.  All things considered, I am looking forward to the
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