Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MobiMOOC12 appetizer

Here is a preview of the facilitator lineup for MobiMOOC12 (straight from the MobiMOOC group!)

With the start of the course still two months away, our grand group of 
facilitators was completed last week and here are the guides-on-the-side 
for all the upcoming mobile learning topics (in completely random order). 
All of us cover 4 continents and 9 different mobile learning topics:

Mobile learning theory/pedagogy: Geoff<>(Stead) is a mobile massive brain from Cambridge, UK, with an enormous 
amount of zest and creativity. Who better to provide an overview of mobile 
learning theories and pedagogies then his creative mind?

Corporate learning: Amit <> (Garg) 
from India has inspired companies to go mobile based on strong business 
plans, goal oriented design and intuitive learning. He shares what he knows 
with all that want to hear. Amit is a true enlightened entrepreneur who 
embraces the ancient old wisdom that sharing will lift all of us to a 
higher plain within our human capacities.

Train-the-trainer: Jacqueline<>(Batchelor) from South Africa uses all of her blond haired charm to get 
every teacher trained simply by using mobile devices and … a lot of 
educational insight. She is a silent, calm, yet a very thorough expert that 
explores new frontiers of teacher engagement and paves the way for all of 

Mobile activism/learning: Sean<>(Abajian) from sunny California is a mobile activist believer. He lifts 
crowds to march for better adult education, he is an activist pur-sang and 
with a heart of gold and understands the benefits of educational 
technologies. He knows that long-term activism coincides with quick 

Mobile gaming: David <> (Parsons) 
from Australia is an old school new school mobile programmer, now 
completely emerged in mobile gaming. He will guide us in our first 
contemplations to create serous mobile games.

Augmented learning: Víctor<>Alvarez pours his Spanish passion into innovative augmented learning 
applications. He sees beyond our everyday world and adds extra layers of 
interest that enhances the moments, locations, and understandings we 
currently live in. 

Setting up a Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework: Adele<>(Botha): straight from South Africa, she knows how to own any room she 
enters and grab the attention with her mobile knowledge and persona. She 
will push us forward with any mobile learning curriculum we want to create.

ICT for development: Michael <> (Sean 
Gallagher - UK/Korea) combines a literary pen with a mission to provide a 
mobile solution to anyone living in a challenged environment no matter 
where you are in the world. He will share solutions that will get you up 
and ready to tackle low resource settings with a great set of tools.

Global mLearning issues: John<>(Traxler): He has got more air-miles than George Clooney in Up in the Air, 
John gives new meaning to the word mobile and researches it in all its 
meanings. Amateur ornithologist, mountain climber, and professor in mobile 

And me from Belgium, well….. Inge de Waard <>focusing on an 
introduction to mLearning and planning a project

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