Thursday, January 24, 2013

Week 3 OLDS MOOC Goals: Dude, where's my path? ;-)

OK, Week 3 of OLDS MOOC is upon us. The topic: Ideate!

I've quickly gone through the overview for the week and it seems like quite interesting stuff! The one thing I see missing this week is a short, and a long path.  I guess I'll be forging my own from scratch ;-). Last week I forged my own, anyway, but the proposed paths were good so that I could see the intentions of the course designers.

In any case, in addition to participating in at least 2 discussions in Week 3, I am thinking that I will be able to take part in:
  • Activity 1: Thursday (20 minutes)
  • Activity 2: Thursday, Friday or Saturday (30 minutes)
  • Activity 3: Saturday or Sunday (30 minutes)
  • Activity 4: Saturday or Sunday (15 minutes)
  • Activity 10: Wednesday (15 minutes)
For activity descriptions, see the link to the topic above.

If I have time, I'd like to tackle:
  • Activity 5: Monday-Tuesday (30 minutes)
  • Activity 8: Monday-Tuesday (15 minutes)

I suppose I already tackled part of activity 4 - here is a narrated slideshare of the 7Cs.  Seems pretty interesting :-)  (reminds me of the 6Cs of motivation that I did with a team when we were in INSDSG 601 - first semester students in Instructional Design!)

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