Friday, January 20, 2012

DS106 - Week 1 - the web domain.

This must be the easiest thing I've ever had to do for a course - absolutely nothing ;-) The preparatory items for this week include getting you own domain, which I have ( and getting some web server space. Having had a website for a long time that stuff is done.

My website is designed using Rapidweaver. If you are a mac user, and you want something lighter weight than dreamweaver, wish awesome support, check out realmacsoftware and their Rapidweaver product. Why do I still use blogger?  Well, as a CMS I like it, and if I change web hosting providers I don't need to worry about my content.  RapidWeaver has a nice 3rd party plug-in that harvests your content from your blogger blog and re-displays my blogger content using the theme settings that are available on my site (click here for an example of this blog redisplayed on my site).  The one glitch I haven't worked out is this: when using Disqus as my comment system, on my redisplayed blog, I get a 500 error (go ahead, try it.  Go to the link I just gave you and try to comment on a post, you can't!).

Oh well.  With my course beginning next week, I am not sure how much time I have for #ds106, but I wanted to participate last year and I didn't, so here's to giving it a good ol' college try!  My goal (let's see if I keep it) is to do one assignment per week.

Looks forward to the interactions with my fellow #ds106 peeps.
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