Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The end of #oldsmooc

Hey! Another MOOC is done!

The MOOC I am referring to is OLDSMOOC, and it will go down as one of the better MOOCs I've attended ;-)  When I signed up for the MOOC, I did so for two reasons:
  1. I wanted to learn more about Learning Design (seemed like Instructional Design going by another name).
  2. I wanted a cMOOC, damn it! :-)
Don't get me wrong, there are some interesting courses on coursera but I don't really get that sense of community on xMOOC platforms; whereas in cMOOCs, like OLDSMOOC, I have had meaningful conversations with strangers (and I haven't gotten lost in the discussion).

Anyway, as an instructional designer, I wasn't quite sure what I would get out of OLDSMOOC, since, in the end, it seemed like learning design was another term (or a related term) for instructional design.  I decided to use this opportunity, however, as a way to think about my mLearning MOOC (which is a back-burner project for the time being). Some of the weekly tasks were focused on further hashing out ideas about my MOOC, and other weeks (when I had too much else going on), I decided to focus on the Blended version of the same mLearning course (same course, different delivery method).

Now, I didn't really get very very far with either project (nothing is at the implementation stage yet), but in the end, I am glad I attended. I was able to get a whole lot of materials I didn't know existed (like the OU cart sort activity!) that I now have handy for design project.  I also think that the tools and templates I discovered as part of OLDSMOOC I will be able to share with other instructional designers (and instructional design students) because I think that they help them out  too! :)

I guess people are asking "what's next?" from the OLDSMOOC crowd ;-)  What's the next learning experience that we cMOOC groupies can attend?  I think I will be taking a small step back for the next couple of months to work on some project.  If anyone is interested in co-running mLearning MOOC, let me know!  My goal is to have it be like #CCK and #ioe12: Offered for credit to graduate college students (if they want it), but also open to the world. So, by necessity, the course has to be 13 weeks long :)
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