Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MOOCing about

OK, I stole (errrr....creatively borrowed) the title of this blog post, but I don't remember who posted it first (I'll rectify this in a blog post about CCK11 by Friday.  In any case, with school officially over for me, I got my MA in Applied Linguistics, just waiting for my diploma now, I thought I would mess around with the concept of a Massive Online Open Course (or MOOC).

There are two MOOCs going on now: Learner and Learning Analytics 2011 (LAK11) and Connectivism and Connected Knowledge 2011 (CCK11). LAK11 is a 5 week course hosted on Moodle while CCK11 is a 12 week course (approximating something similar to a regular for-credit college online course as far as timing goes) that is completely distributed.  There are readings to do, and you respond not by posting to a forum, but rather by posting to your blog, and registering your blog with CCK11 so you can be on their RSS feed and/or daily email.

I've opted to be on their email list (as opposed to putting the stuff on my Google Reader since I routinely declare RSS bankruptcy these days).  MOOCs are an interesting concept and I can say that I've already met interesting people, from around the world, in the field of education.

In 4 more weeks I can report back on LAK11, while I am sure that you'll be seeing more CCK11 stuff on here in the next 12 weeks.

More on this week's CCK11 readings by Friday.

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