Saturday, August 20, 2011

EduMOOC is almost over

Another MOOC is almost in the can (to borrow terminology from TWiT).  I have to say that even though I was really interested in this MOOC, eduMOOC that is, I really have a hard time finding something that really made it stand out. This was my fourth MOOC this year and I can easily say that MobiMOOC and CCK11 were the two top MOOCs.  LAK11 was good, but it was way, way, too compressed for my liking, not enough time to take stock in what was talked about, and what was read.

eduMOOC, in contrast to the other MOOCs this year, was almost like an informal social. There was a google site with information, and a weekly breakdown, but it really didn't feel like a "course," it felt like it was lacking direction. I think that it was a worthwhile experiment, considering that the MOOC format is relatively new and a lot of research is left to be done on this format, but I really didn't consider it much of a course. I wonder if it fails the MOOC litmus test since the C stands for "course" and this didn't feel like a course - lol :-)

There is an eduMOOC survey on the google group out there now. If you participated in the MOOC, even if you just lurked, please take the survey. It will give us a lot of good information about this MOOC from the participant perspective.  The OER university was supposed to develop a survey, but I haven't heard anything yet (maybe people are on vacation?). If you happen to see two separate surveys on google groups take both :-)

This eduMOOC experience actually has me questioning my ChangeMOOC participation which is supposed to start next month. Initially I was really psyched, but now I really need to see how much time I want to spend on it.  I don't like the "dipping in and out" of the MOOC because I feel that I don't have a chance to build a community and expand my PLN.  Perhaps I will lurk and participate every now and again.  Let's see how this one works out.
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