Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OpenSyl - A badge for the OpenEd Assessment Designer challenge

With more than half of #ioe12 done, I decided to tackle the OpenEd Assessment designer badge. You can see my crude attempt at a badge on the right.  The background is taken from David Wiley's stock badges, with an overlay of the Open Access logo (I like the unlocked padlock) on a Syllabus that is on a scroll.  I was going for a Wax Tablet (going with my Greek roots), but I could not find any CC licensed Wax Tablet graphics (heck, I couldn't find many non CC wax tablet graphics that were usable).

In any case, for this challenge I had to:

  • Design a badge for the class, including a name, expertise level, and statement of work.
  • Complete the badge yourself.
  • Blog about your proposed badge. Include all the information necessary for someone to complete the badge. Also include your worked example and a description of how it meets the badge requirements.
  • Monitor the class hashtag for someone else who claims to have completed your badge. Judge their work and decide whether they meet your criteria or not. Award the badge as appropriate.
  • You earn the OpenEd Assessment Designer badge when you award your badge to someone other than yourself.
  • Write a final post linking to your previous posts related to this badge and announcing your intent to have completed the badge.

Badge Description:
The successful completer of the artefact that will gain him the Open Syllabus Designer badge will create a syllabus for their course (intended for grades 9-12, undergraduate, or graduate school; but feel free to surprise me!).  In addition to the traditional course description, pre-requisites and required texts for the course, the syllabus needs to contain:

  • Course-level learning objectives
  • Module-level learning objectives
  • Which program level objectives and/or Professional Competencies the course satisfies
  • A description of all assignments for the course, and how they relate to the program level competencies above.
  • Explicit course policies on grading, course etiquette, policies on late work, on group work, on contacting the instructor, and so on (include anything that makes sense for your own course and teaching environment)
  • A weekly breakdown  of activities, objectives, readings and assessments (if any)
  • Course Resources
  • Course Bibliography

Once your syllabus is completed, you should license it with an open license (my recommendation is BY-SA). Then, post your syllabus on an open sharing site such as scribd, and post a link in the comments. 

My own completed assignment to earn this badge can be seen (and downloaded for free) on Scribd: 

INSDSG Project Management for Instructional Designers
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