Monday, February 4, 2013

Photos of my card sorting activity

Even though this was a Week 3 activity, I took the opportunity to mess around a bit more with the Course Features Cards and actually snap photos of the outcomes. For this, I decided to focus more on the Blended version of the Introduction to mLearning, and not the MOOC version of the course since I wanted to focus on something I had a little more hashed out (the MOOC version will require a lot more thinking than I have time to right now :-) )

Activity 1
Directions: Choose a maximum of 12 cards from the pack which define key features of your course or module. The cards are grouped into four categories :
  • Guidance and Support (marked GS / coloured Orange )
  • Content and Experience (marked CE / coloured Green 
  • Communication and Collaboration (marked CC / Blue coloured  )
  • Reflection and Demonstration (marked RD / Purple coloured

Now look at your cards you have selected:
  • Are any colours of cards missing or less well represented? 
  • If so, what might be the impact on the student experience? 
  • Are their any other cards you would like to swap in?
  • What new cards could you add?

It's interesting in this sort that the Green color (content and experience) is less well represented (sorry, my nexus is new and I haven't gotten the hang of the camera yet :-)  ) whereas communication and collaboration are more represented. Guidance and Support, and Reflection and Demonstration are equally represented. I was a bit torn by the need to have equal amounts of every category, so I thought about adding a couple more Green cards and substituting some of the blue, but I decided to let them stand in the end. I could make more green cards fit in meaningfully.

Activity 2
Directions: Choose 16 cards from the pack which define key features of your course or module. Work individually or in a team to assemble the 16 cards into a diamond shape with the most important feature at the top and the least important at the bottom. This will help you determine the
relative importance of each aspect and where your priorities lie. As you build the diamond, note down any design decisions you make.
  • How can the available resources and time be best used?
I'll have to think about the best use of time and resources :) I'd like to use the in-class time for collaborative activities, peer review and feedback; but since I have not run the course yet, I don't know how long such task will take. I am wondering if some of the prep-work should be done out of the synchronous,in person, class.
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