Friday, February 22, 2013

OLDSMOOC: Peer Review #1

OK, s, I (re)discovered that there are some crowd-sourced badges. I knew this in the first week of the course, but somewhere along the lines I forgot about them (probably because I wasn't planning on applying for those badges anyway ;-)  )

In any case, if you are participating in OLDSMOOC, do have a look at the badge application page, and help out a fellow oldsmoocer!  I'm doing my part right now!

The first person's materials I examined are Tiffany Crosby's. Tiffany has a project in mind to create a "business psychology course that combines facets of psychology, sociology, business ethics, fraud and ford endive, and decision-making." I think this sounds interesting, and it reminds me a bit of my Business Ethics course that I took while I was an MBA student (this was a really nice course!). As part of the deliverables for the badge she is seeking, she submitted the results of her card sort activity, and the course map for her course.

From what I saw in the card-sort activity results, I am wondering what format the course will take; will it be online, on-campus or blended? I see in her course map that there is a Site and Course Orientation in the guidance area, but "site" can be applicable to an online site, or a physical site where learners are embedded in the learning.  One thing I would recommend is disambiguation in this area :) I also see that key areas in this course are: authentic learning, research and practice based learning, and serious engagement and interaction. I think this is all great (and I really like the element of gamification that she plans to introduce!).  The area that I'd like to see a bit more discussion or expansion on is student assessment. I see (in both activities) that self-assessment is a big thing, but I would also like to know where the assessment by a subject expert comes in (if at all), why, and why not :)

Still looking for a second person to review in order to earn the Reviewer Badge ;-)

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