Friday, February 17, 2012

The New Office

This past week I've been trying like a mad man to find a photo that I took in 2005, using Photo Booth on MacOS 10.4 when it first came out.  At the time, I was employed by Media Services and worked with a great group of people.  Alas, my office was reminiscent of the Batcave. Despite being on the first floor there were no windows, the fluorescent lighting felt piercing to the eye (so I had some spotlights strategically placed in the office) so my office was a perfect candidate for a painting using chiaroscuro. It was also cold (year round!) a bit damp (not great for the media playback equipment that I had stored there) and the air quality was questionable.  This was the background of that photo.A few months after that photo was taken I switched jobs and went to another building.

This week (six years later) I am back in that old building, in a new job, but this time I am on the sixth floor (all the way up!), with a window that provides natural light, a private office that's not a storage area and temperature that's not in either extreme.  I thought of taking that old photo (done in halftone) and setting the photo frame to be the same as my old office  - amazingly the furnishings in the office are the same as my old office on the first floor so this compare and contrast works well.  Alas, I have yet to find the photo, so I have recreated the shot from memory.  Stay tuned for an "old office" post at some point :)

Yes, I do the thinking pose a lot...

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