Recaptcha madness

Happy February to all!

I thought that this week's DS106 assignment should be something random, so I went with the illustrated recaptcha assignment suggestion whereby you are given the task to illustrate one of those random recaptcha images.  I must have hit that button to give me another captcha many times because I couldn't get inspired by any of the random text.  In the end I got something that looked like Peachill Insurrection. My initial thought was something out of Super Mario (Peachill maybe something named after Princess Peach), maybe some protesting or fighting Goombas or Hammer Brothers...but I couldn't find any fan art of insurrecting goombas to add to images of rolling (peach)hills.

So here's a mashup of Super Mario (World) hills with an image of the Warsaw insurrection (from wikipedia).


Wow haha.  I think this is a great

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